I am not trying to be the biggest or the best, I just want to have fun. So this idea was born from the idea of doing small draws with low fixed odds competitions and seeing if it had any interest.

It is really easy for you to enter a competition and be in with a chance to win. Check out the steps below and if you need any more help check out our FAQ or contact us.


  • I have competitions every Sunday at 8pm.
  • All you need to do is check out my current competition and enter.
  • You can view our currently active competitions here.


  • Pick a number or multiple numbers if the competition allows it.
  • The competition requires an answer to a question, this is so you are using your element of skill to enhance your chances of winning the competition, you need to select the correct answer to qualify.
  • Once you have selected your number(s) and gone through the checkout.The draw will be Sunday night at 8pm, we will announce the winner(s) during the live draw and post it straight to our social media pages.

That’s all there is to it! Good luck.